Pakistan IRRI-9 Long Grain Rice      

IRRI 9 Long Grain White Rice is the non-basmati variety that is favored for its price competitiveness. Many people prefer the muggy touch this rice has to offer. Much of Pakistan's export of IRRI-9 rice goes to the Middle East

Moisture Content:
Average Grain Length:
Polishing Grade:
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow:
Broken Grains:
Chalky Grains:
Contrasting Varieties:
Foreign Grains:
Foreign Matter:
Paddy Grain:
Under-milled & Red-striped:

14% Max.
6.8 MM
Double/Pearl Finish/Silky Polished
5% Max.
1.5% Max.
4% Max.
7% Max.
0.5% Max.
0.5% Max.
15 pcs per KG Max.
2% Max.



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