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Agri Commodities was established with the goal of providing quality products to customers in the different countries around the world. We have an extensive experience in import and export of commodities with a specialized dedicated team of professionals. We can provide commodities in bulk packaging as well as consumer packs to cater various sections of the market.

Our vast Export product range includes the following products to mention a few:

Besides Exports, Agri Commodities is also engaged in imports and distribution of food products.

Agri Commodities was established with an aim to supply Agro-based commodities of pure nature and with a commitment to maintain quality standards eternally. We at Agri Commodities visualize an extraordinarily professional and warm welcoming approach of international audience towards Pakistan’s exports as we greatly trust to build ventures rather than simply reaching an international market in terms of agricultural and edible supplies.

All types of packing materials are available such as cotton, jute bag, poly non-woven, Paper bag and more. Our Creative Unit designs band logo and bag artwork for the clients. The growing demand in the international market for agricultural products has given us a chance to cater our services to our esteemed clients all around the globe. Our country Pakistan produces high quality crops that are used for local consumption and for export purposes. We have made our mark in the export of various commodities such as Rice, Maize and Pulses etc.

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