100% Broken Rice (Color Sortexed)  

Agri Commodities is the top supplier of the best grade 100% broken clean white rice, none discolored grains, fully sortexed without foreign matter such as free from millet, wheat or paddy grains. Our Broken rice does not carry red streaked kernels or damaged grains to be used in baby cereals and other sophisticated branded grain foods/ingredients. This broken silky polished rice meets the food standards code and is liked by multi-nationals and leading manufacturers in their food processing.

100% broken rice is available in both basmati broken and non-basmati white broken grades. Suiting the needs, this broken Pakistani rice is using in making rice flour free from gluten.

Moisture Content:
Average Grain Length:
Polishing Grade:
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow:
Chalky Grains:
Contrasting Varieties:
Foreign Grains:
Foreign Matter:
Paddy Grain:
Under-milled & Red-striped:

14% Max.
Below 4.5 MM
Well-milled/Double Polished
5% Max.
8 % Max.
4% Max.
2% Max.
20 pcs per KG Max.
4% Max.



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